Belongings anchor us. Makes us vulnerable. Bad relationships are never worth our time and effort. By giving away useless things, letting go of hollow acquaintances and removing pointless diversions we can truly embrace meaningfulness.


Otsumami – Quail egg in black vinegar, dried beetroot and eggplant, fishskin and brandade, scallop and fresh wasabi, smoked crab in soy milk, caviar, lightly heated silk tofu in mushroom tea.

Sushi – Rainbow trout, char, monkfish, mackerel, hamachi, langoustine, perch, redfish, turbot, pike-perch, vendace, pike-perch and hamachi head, dashi of langoustine.

Dessert – Sencha tea, tarte tartin, apple and soy, skim milk ice cream, rhubarb cake.